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The 850 Series offers you the most extensive FICO® score improvement program. Our goal is to save you $100s of dollars a month by increasing your FICO® score.

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Your FICO® Credit Scores

Have you seen the new FICO® credit score requirements for loans, insurance and other financial services? The cost of a sub-760 FICO® score can now cost you hundreds of dollars more each month. The lower the score, the more you will pay! Your FICO® score is so important, it rivals your net worth and income in building your financial health.

Do you know the rules? Before you can improve a FICO® score, you need to know ALL the rules of credit bureaus and FICO® so that you can create your own strategies. Watch out! Their rules are often misunderstood. As a consequence, misguided advice has led many people to lower credit scores and greater frustration.

What is the correct path to a higher FICO® score? What rules and strategies should you follow? What makes the 850 series credible? Results, results and more results. From dozens of media stories to personal consultations, Al Bingham has proved time and again from experience, advanced knowledge and wit to offer consumers many valuable credit insights. He shares his advance knowledge of the rules and identifies the effective strategies to help raise your score.

The 850 Series

  • The Road to 850 (book)
  • The Quest for 850 (4-part video series)
  • The Drive to 850 (the workshop)

The Road to 850, first edition, is full of 94 distinct strategies to help you develop your correct path to a higher credit score. The Road to 850, second edition is nearing completion and will be available on Sept. 30, 2010. You can pre-purchase the second edition of The Road to 850 at this website and receive a $7 dollar discount. The second edition has dozens of more strategies plus a detailed chapter on collections and judgments, and many more graphics and diagrams. You can still purchase the first edition until September 30, 2010.

The Quest for 850 targets four distinct areas of credit - you credit report, identifying all the factors in a FICO® score, common errors in your credit report and reveals a dozen mistakes many consumers make with credit. This 4-set DVD has received high praise from federal, state and credit counselors as the best ever!

The Drive to 850 is the best workshop on your credit report and FICO® score. This 2-one hour workshop quickly builds on the basics of the credit system, to reveal dozens of advance rules and strategies. This visual workshop is full of video clips, slides and opportunities to understand many challenging and difficult topics. You may also have your questions answered for you, or the benefit of all -- or in private. Al is notorious to stay around after the workshop to answer more personal questions until the very last person. This is one workshop for you!

Reserve a Time for the Workshop, The Drive to 850

Are you ready to start? Can we save you 100s of dollars each month in reduce financial charges. The goal is 60 points in 60 days! You might be able to double that and make it 120 points in 60 days. It takes some work, but if you’re ready, let’s go!

If you are interested in the nationally acclaimed workshop, The Drive to 850, you can call us at (801) 558-5055 or send an e-mail to to book a date and time.

We will be in the following locations to offer the workshop to the public in the coming months:

  • Los Angeles -
  • Oklahoma City - October 2010 (date to be determined)
  • Sacramento - November 2010 (date to be determined)
  • Portland - November 2010 (date to be determined)

Credit Repair Companies

The 850 Series is not credit repair or a consumer credit counselor organization. Credit repair companies charged thousands of dollars and send thousands of letters each day trying to remove derogatory information from your credit report even citing a legal loophole in the law. Their results are dismal. They only address the payment history issue that accounts for 35% of your FICO® score. The credit repair industry was recently voted the second least trusted consumer industry just after car salesmen by a July 2010 survey completed by the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators and the Consumer Federation of America. They may even promote some person who miraculously raised a score from their work. One out of 10,00 is not bad. We want to help everyone!

Consumer credit counseling organizations are designed to help consumers renegotiate their debt payments to a manageable level. Their representatives do not directly work to raise your FICO® score, only contact lenders to reduce your monthly debt expenditures. There may be a better plan for you. You can reduce your monthly expenditures by raising your FICO® score and lowering your interest and finance charges.

The representatives from credit repair and consumer credit counseling companies fail to understand the dynamics of the FICO® score. As a result, they also fail to help educate you on the majority of factors that raise or drop your score. There are 21 non-payment calculations in the most commonly used FICO® score model. The 850 series identifies all the FICO® score rules.

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What people are saying

The Road to 850 has received the recognition from the AFCPE – Association of Financial Counseling, Planning and Education.

In his book, the author covers in detail the vast credit industry and navigates with ease the questions that plague even “qualified” people. I highly recommend The Road to 850 for financial and credit counselors as well as individuals wanting to increase their scores – which would be everyone.

Shara Young

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