Al Bingham


Al Bingham

Since 2000, Al Bingham has worked tirelessly to protect consumers from bad lending practices and for greater education. From this work, he has worked with state and federal elected representatives to successfully raise the standards for mortgage loan officers and worked to require greater consumer education on credit and credit scoring. This effort was motivated to help consumers save themselves lots of money. Al Bingham’s efforts for greater consumer education, awareness and protection have been recognized nationally.

Al Bingham has worked in the mortgage industry for 19 years as a senior loan officer primarily with National City Mortgage. In 1997, he started a research project on credit scores. Over the following years, he created a team of analysts that researched the credit scoring system. This work accelerated in 2003 for four years after which he finally published The Road to 850. At the same time, he produced the seminar The Drive to 850 in 2005 by which he has taught companies, educators and groups on credit scores. Finally, his video production The Quest for 850 was a joint project with educators to help promote greater literacy on credit, credit reports and credit scores within schools, universities and colleges.

In 2000, Al worked on a Fannie Mae task force to further study the problems in mortgage lending. His work from this formal group has been felt nationally. In 2002, Al first highlighted the growing problem of fraud within the mortgage and real estate industry – a huge contributor to the collapse of the financial markets in 2007. In 2002 and 2003, he was the main author on a Utah bill, The Residential Mortgages Practices Act, which required minimum competency standards for mortgage lenders, licensing and greater training for mortgage loan officers. The foundations of this and a second bill was subsequently put into law in over two dozen other states over the following four years and finally elements of this bill were passed by Congress in 2008.

As a result of this effort, Al was put onto the national stage as the mortgage crisis evolved. He is a mortgage advisor to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). He consults ALEC and elected state officials on the causes from the sudden rise of white collar crime within the real estate industry and the fall of the housing market. Recently, Al has teamed up with John Arterberry, Deputy Chief of the Fraud section from the Department of Justice, to work with elected representatives from throughout the country on ways to resolve the housing crisis and the problems of criminal activity. Al and Mr. Arterberry are widely recognized for properly outlining the problem to the housing crisis in 2007 at an ALEC convention in December 2007 in Washington DC. They have subsequently traveled to many conferences and state legislatures around the country to provide their valued insight. In addition, his expertise has been sought by many in Congress.

Al works on the SAFE Mortgage test committee and the Utah state mortgage exam committee responsible for setting, writing and preparing licensing exams for the mortgage industry. He is also a certified instructor for the Utah Division of Real Estate and is a past president for the Utah Mortgage Lender’s Association’s Salt Lake Chapter.

His work to help people raise their credit scores has been highlighted by many media outlets across the country including Bill Gephardt (KUTV – CBS / Salt Lake City), Kurtis Ming (KOVR – CBS / Sacramento), Nicole Crites (KPHO – CBS / Phoenix), Michael Fenney (KGO / San Francisco), Elsie Nolan (WBZ – CBS / Boston) and Leslie McFadden at

His company to help facilitate his vast resources is called Credit Plus (aka: Credit Score Plus).

Al Bingham’s efforts for greater consumer education, awareness and protection have been recognized nationally.