Al Bingham

The Road to 850

The Road to 850 unveils many strategies and publicly unknown secrets to the credit scoring system. This book was written in response to the many uncovered secrets discovered by the several researchers in the credit scoring system. This publication has been widely praised by many in the credit industry.

The Road to 850 is a 14 Chapter 219 page book that goes in detail the many aspects of the credit scoring system. As it unveils the system, it helps the reader identify many strategies one can follow to improve a credit score. It is also laid out in a very simple manner so that the reader can find pressing issues fast.

It also provides the guidance for the many sub factors to the credit scores. The Road to 850 is the only published book to list and explain these sub factors. These sub factors are called reason codes by the industry and can be very difficult to understand. The Road to 850 has an Addendum that provides a manual to read the reason codes and understand the meaning of each one.

You will refer back to The Road to 850 for years to come as you chart your course to the credit scoring system. Some of the many comments on The Road to 850 are provided.


The Road to 850
Published: February 2007
Publisher: CP Publishing
Layton, UT