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Purchase the Road to 850 and the Quest for 850

The Road to 850 was published in March 2007. It outlines over 93 strategies to raise your credit score. In addition, it provides an outline of the FICO® credit scoring system, used by most lenders, insurance companies and other vendors. The Road to 850 has received the coveted endorsement of the AFCPE (Association of Financial Counseling, Planning and Education). AFCPE in their book review write:

In this book, the Author (Al Bingham) covers in detail the vast credit industry and navigate with ease the questions that plague even qualified people. I highly recommend The Road to 850 for financial and credit counselors as well as all individuals wanting to increase their credit scores – which would be everyone.

The Quest for 850 (4-part video series)

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The Quest for 850 is the sister companion to the book, The Road to 850. The four part series has received thunderous praise from educators across the country. This series was first rolled out June 2009 and is now for sale on this web site. Michael Beane, a 25 year credit industry specialist called The Quest for 850, “the best thing I have ever seen on credit!”

The Quest for 850 is offered in 4-30 minute (approximately) segments; Understanding your Credit Report, Building your Credit Score, Common Errors in Your Credit Report and Consumer Mistakes.

Understanding Your Credit Report breaks down the credit report produced by the three major credit agencies. It reviews the nine main sections of a credit report and works through each part. It shows you what segments of the credit report you should be especially attentive to increase your credit score.

Building your Credit Score reveals the five major factors that impacts a credit score. This video goes even further into detail and shows you each sub-factor of a credit score. It also tells you what you need to do to constantly raise your score, month after month and year after year.

You may purchase online at this website (links are to the right). For any questions, retailers and those who want a bulk purchase, please call to place an order at:

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(888) 28-score or (888) 287-2673.


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