Al Bingham


The Road to 850 answers all credit scoring questions with simple, easy explanations and examples with the sole purpose of helping individuals improve credit scores. In this book, the author covers in detail the vast credit industry and navigates with ease the questions that plague even “qualified” people. I highly recommend The Road to 850 for financial and credit counselors as well as individuals wanting to increase their credit scores – which would be everyone.
Shara Young. AFCPE

Credit score is a very important part of your life. High credit score opens door to the world. I know someone whose credit score is low and for him all the doors are closed: he cannot buy a car, a house, get a cell phone and even a job. None of the credit agencies would approve him for credit card. This book teaches every detail one has to know about credit score. It helps one to increase credit score if it's low, or maintain high credit score. I thought I knew everything about credit score (my credit score is 818), but reading this book, I realized that I maybe knew 5%. Every page is a full of knowledge. The author uses very simple and easy to read language. I recommended this book to all my friends and family. Believe me, you would not regret buying this book.
A. Feather, New York ( review)

WOW! Super great information in an excellent format.
Sarah M Titzer

I've already read the book before. Excellent reference book that totally explains credit scores.
Stephen Cook

Being in the credit industry for the past 25 years, I have never seen a better production than The Quest for 850! Al Bingham and Sybil Creasy have covered all the basics and much, much more. The flow in each video and the graphics found in The Quest for 850 are excellent and present the information in an easy to understand manner, The Quest for 850 is a must-see for everyone.
Michael Beane, Account Manager, Certified Credit Reporting

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